As Cambridge based experts in both marketing and video production, we know the value of video within your marketing strategy.

There are many formats that your video can take, and all have a place in your overall marketing plan.

PTC or piece to camera video is where you communicate to your audience through the first person.

This form of video is a great way to connect with your audience and so we want to give you 5 Top Tips on how to make your PTC effective and engaging.

We have all seen those videos of someone chatting on faaaaar to long with bad sound, lighting and surrounded by clutter!

If you want a professional reputation then this type of content will not serve your brand perception well.

So here’s 5 things to consider before you start creating your PTC content.

1 – Message

Before you even start talking think about what you really want your viewer to get out of it.

Here’s a few ideas:

  • Introduction to you and your brand
  • Communicating your USP’s
  • Industry Tips and Advice
  • How to Guide
  • Fun facts
  • Introduction to a competition
  • Connection to you
  • Product promotion
  • Intro to areas on your website


2 – Regular content

The idea of seeing you in front of the camera is to get viewers to connect to you as a real person so naturally this format of video works best as regular content. Therefore plan your content titles over a 3/6 month period. Getting this organised also has its advantages for your social strategy.

3 – Consider where you are using it

If you are planning to use a PTC video on your social platforms then keep it short, under 1 minute is likely to work best.

If you have a lot to cover then create a short version to direct people to the full version.

If you are embedding the video on your website then consider where it will be used. For example, can you point to different areas surrounding the video placement?

4 – Keep it engaging

Give the viewer something new and ideally an action to take. So if you are introducing your business then direct them to view the website.

If you are running a competition, then 3 steps to enter…

Be clear in your message but avoid making it scripted.

Most importantly be yourself, people buy from people.

5 – Consider your surroundings

Think about lighting, sound and surroundings, all of these elements contribute to the viewers perception of you, your business and their engagement with you.

If you have props, like a branded T-shirt or mug, be sure to use them, it all adds to your overall brand recognition.

And finally, think about what you are wearing, avoid checked or striped clothing (this has a moiré effect on the footage) and black colours when shooting against a black background.

Here’s an example of a video we produced in our studio in Histon, just outside of Cambridge

To discuss how we can help you produce engaging PTC video content and advise on how plan this into your overall marketing strategy please get in touch.

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