How our latest marketing and video campaign gained 9500 impressions in just 24 hours.

CASE STUDY: How our latest marketing and video campaign gained 9500 impressions in just 24 hours

Location:       Cambridge

Company:      Breadcrumb Marketing & Media Ltd

Sector:           Marketing and Media Services

Problem:       To create fun, engaging content that was personal to us, in order to raise funds for charity.


To raise funds for Comic Relief, in particular, and from a very personal perspective, the team were keen to support positive mental health, something Comic Relief are working hard to improve across the UK.


We had limited time to get the campaign together so required something that could be created quickly, but was also fun, engaging and personal. Equally we wanted the content to be professional and reflect our brand identity.

Campaign Goals:

  • Raise money for charity and support the organisations’ CSR goals.
  • Project personality and connection the brand.
  • Drive traffic to the website.
  • Encourage social shares and build exposure.
  • Create an opportunity for PR coverage.
  • Improve the brands Facebook algorithm profile, giving a better chance of being seen in future posts.
  • Open further doors of opportunity for more content through follow up stories.
  • Connect with the target audience.
  • Help improve SEO
  • Create engagement and conversation starters.
  • Bring the team together.


First of all we needed to decide how to raise funds for Comic Relief.

Due to the time constraints the marketing team decided that a short photo shoot could quickly and efficiently produce the desired message.  

Breadcrumb Media has it’s own studio space available, along with a team of top-notch editors that would bring the vision to life.

Photography has a place, but on social a moving image is more engaging and we took the stills from the shoot and produced a short and engaging video that could be shared on social media channels.

For the fundraising element, each share would equal a donation of £1 to Comic Relief.

Here’s the end result, this was put out on social, email and on our website.

Along side this, a blog post was created to give further detail on the fund raising campaign, along with a detail on a donation limit. 

The results:

The campaign was a HUGE success.

In 24 hours the following results were measured across the various channels:

  • Over 9500 impressions
  • Over 2600 video views 
  • Over 750 engagements 
  • Increased web traffic by 310% 

All of this was achieved organically and also doesn’t include the follow up exposure this gives to both the charity and the brand.

If you would like marketing and content support for your next campaign then click here to chat with the team.

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