As a business, every penny that you spend counts, so it’s really important to identify external support that can show you a return on you investment whilst supporting your business growth.

Marketing is often seen as something that a businesses can do themselves, and to an extent that is true.

You can certainly pump out a bit of content on social or email some contacts with a bit of info.

But will that really make a difference to sales? Is that the best use of your time?

As Cambridge based marketing professionals,  we see businesses making the mistake of ‘trying to do it all’ every day.

Companies that see real success are those that identify that there are only so many hours in a day.
They focus on developing the business and let marketing experts, plan and deliver a targeted marketing strategy.

Still not sure of the benefits of hiring a marketing consultant? Here’s a few reasons why it makes sense…

1 – Research
If you are looking to grow your business then research is vital. You need to research your product, market and audience. A good marketing consultant will go through the following checklist:

• Define your business
• Define your offer
• Set your goals
• Set your targets
• Detail your customer demographic
• Review your current systems
• Analyse your current clients
• Define your Target Clients
• Review your competition
• Review your current marketing activity

2 – Plan
Now that the research is completed, the next stage would be to plan how to reach the audience that you have identified. This is done by:

• Defining your top 5 keywords
• Researching your top online sources or publications
• Researching where your customers are hanging out
• Define what solutions you can offer your audience
• Research you ideal channels to communicate

Both research and planning take time to do effectively, which is why using an external resource to take this pressure off your team can make a real difference to your business growth.

3 – Content
Recent studies indicate that the average consumer is exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 brand messages a day!
So to get your business to the front of the right audience at the right time takes experience.

Consumers are thirsty for information so regular, relevant content is vital to engagement.

External companies do this all the time, so know how to do this efficiently and cost effectively.

4 – Engage
The next step is to put all this into a strategy that identifies cost, predicts and measures results and most importantly delivers this communication across marketing channels.
Marketing consultants will regularly monitor results and adjust the initial strategy accordingly. Investing more in areas that are working and removing those that don’t.

5 – Convert
Once you have attracted the attention of your target market, then monitoring how this new traffic is converting through the sales funnel is key to improving conversion rates. . This would be done by reviewing the customer  journey’s and testing/improving CTAs, landing pages and follow up plans.

All should be compiled into a report to build a successful ongoing strategy.

6 – KPIs
Finally, what is your definition of success?

Is it more online traffic?

Is it a % increase in sales? Or an increased AOV?

Every business varies, so a marketing consultant will define those KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) with you then measure and track those successes. This gives you a real gauge of the ROI that the marketing support is giving you.

At Breadcrumb Media we support businesses from as little as half day/month, to full marketing support and delivery. 

We know about content creation and  how important this is to promoting any business, service or product.

Coupled with our innovative marketing services we are not only best placed to create engaging content, we know where to place it too!

Our content creation services include video production, animation, motion graphics and design and we love to help our clients communicate their message through the medium that will best suit their audience.

Our marketing services include social, email marketing, PPC, SEO and direct marketing and we work with clients to build their overall marketing strategy.

With our video studio based just outside Cambridge we offer video communication and promotional film shoots, all under one roof.  

If you feel that your business would benefit from marketing advice and support then click the box below  to email us your enquiry, or call us on 01223 233141.

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