Following the launch of The Marketing Lounge, we have been working hard to deliver regular bitesize marketing top tips.

As a marketing and video production company we didn’t want to stop there.

The channel was created to give you some really valuable advice that could change your business by bringing you MORE traffic, MORE leads and MORE sales!

It is for this reason that we are super excited to announce that we have teamed up with SEO expert Andrew of Optimisey to give you 7 SEO Top Tips that will help you to improve your rankings.

Hit play and see them all in our latest video

Or read the 7 SEO Tops Tip here:

1. Can you be found?

Get the basics right. A rogue “noindex” tag can mean none of your pages appear in search results.

2. Can you tell if this works?

Get all your measurement in place first. Google Analytics (or whichever data platform you use) and Google Search Console will be invaluable in checking if your efforts are paying off.

3. Who wants to find you?
 Do you know your target audience? What are they looking for?

How, where and when do they look for it?  When you are the answer (or want to be) what would your customer type into a search engine? Or say to Siri/Alexa/Cortana/Google Home?

4. Are you worth finding?

Is your website useful, engaging and informative? Is it easy to find what you need? Is the UX (user experience) good? Is your site fast to download, even on mobiles? Especially on mobiles!
Then there’s the small matter of the content. Is it useful to your customers or just a sales pitch? Is it keyword rich (but not keyword stuffed)?

5. Get your house in order

Check your internal linking – does your site send “this is important” signals to search engines about your key content? Does it send the right signals? Check your meta data, page URLs, page titles, descriptions, headings and more.

6. Do other sites think you’re worth finding?

Search engines see links like ‘votes’. Do other websites ‘vote’ for you and your content? Get links from relevant, high-authority websites in your niche. Get all the free high-authority links you can too: e.g. Bing, Yelp.
Make sure your NAP (name address phone number) is consistent across all sites. Not similar but the same.

7. Now wait…

Good SEO takes time. Focus on 3, 4, 5 and 6… then go back to step 2 and measure. Make incremental improvements and watch your site fly up the search engine rankings!

These top tips will get you started on your SEO journey, but if you want a full audit of your site then drop us a line by clicking here.

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