video on instagram

If you have had some great video content created then it is important to make sure that you use every channel available to make the most of this valuable asset.

I think we all know the merits of video for engagement, but did you realise just how important it is for your natural search rankings?

So make sure that you embed and share as much as possible. Adding to social media channels will generate more engagement and traffic to your site, exactly the sort of triggers that search engines are looking for when trying to rank your site.

So, how do you add a created video to instagram?

It is actually super easy, but you will have to plan ahead a little.

First of all, you can’t currently load video directly onto instagram from your desktop.

So if you have a video files such as an .mp4 or .mov then heading to your Instagram account from your pc/mac is not going to work.

However there is a simple solution, well this is how we do it at Breadcrumb HQ.

Step 1 – Create a central dropbox file that holds all the video content that you want to access.

Step 2 – Head to your mobile or tablet and access your dropbox file

Step 3 – Click the video file name that you want to use

Step 4 – Once in that file you should see 3 dots at the top right, see below.

Step 5 – Click the 3 dots and you should get a drop down list, click Export



Step 6 – You will then see this screen, click save video.

This has now successfully added to your camera roll.


NOTE – You could email your mp4 file to yourself, but it does depend on the size of the file. Remember that a max email file attachment is generally no more than 25MB and often video will well exceed that.












Step 7 – Open your Instagram app

Step 8 – Click the Plus sign in the centre of the screen in the same way as if you are adding a photo.

Step 9 – You should be presented with your latest video from within your camera roll.

Now here’s the important bit….
Instagram will automatically show you your video in 4:3 ratio.
However a professional video will be produced at 16:9 ratio.

Therefore posting your video at 4:3 will make it look squashed and poor quality.

So hit the icon as indicated below and instagram will size the video to the 16:9 format for you.
















Step 10 – Write your comment and Hashtag, Hashtag, Hashtag!

Tag as much as you can to get the biggest reach possible, then post!

NOTE: different times of the day will give you varied results on your reach, so test which works best for you.

All this may seem like a fairly long winded way to post a video. However once you have got yourself into the routine it only takes a few minutes and the benefits of adding you video to your Instagram account definitely makes it worthwhile.

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