Often, when visiting established businesses, the first comment is “I know I need to do some marketing but where do I start?” It’s certainly the million dollar question!

The answer is you really need to be doing a bit of everything; emails, social media, SEO, advertising and so the list goes on…

However recently I have noticed that a businesses greatest asset is often overlooked, existing or previous customers and enquirers.

These guys really are your most valuable asset. They have liked or expressed interest in your product or service in the past, so you can use this to learn who your market is, as well as upsell, cross sell and refer.

If you have a repeat business model, then use your database to sell to them again.

If you have a wide product range offer an alternative or complimentary product or service.

Even if your business is a one-off service or product, learn from who has purchased in the past and ask for reviews, testimonials and referrals. This gives you great brand exposure and endorsement as well as supporting your SEO strategy.

Once you have this database of contacts try to segment them into buyers and enquirers. Market to each separately with different offers and incentives.

You can even use this data within your Facebook campaigns or to purchase really targeted lookalike data, expanding your marketing into new business.

So in answer to the initial question, where do I start?

Always start with your existing contacts and build your marketing activity from that base.

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