• By the year 2016, online sales driven from social media will grow 93% per year.
  • YouTube has the highest pages per visit, longest visit duration and lowest average bounce rate
  • Email marketing is effective – in fact, its customer acquisition rates have quadrupled over the past four years.
  • Mobile users are more likely to convert into customers. 78% of searches for local business information using a mobile device result in a purchase.


(statistics from www.receiptful.com)


With stats like these it is easy to see why you need to consider a multi-channel marketing strategy for 2016.


Multi-channel marketing is a term that has been around for years, and essentially means the ability to interact with potential customers on various platforms.’


Often smaller businesses think this only relates to large corporations. This is NOT the case. In 2016 we have so many resources available online that businesses of any size can, and should, create a multi-channel message.


To break this down you should consider being more active in the following areas:


Email Marketing – make sure that your emails are regular and relevant and you will quickly see the effects. There are many low cost email service providers out there, most of which offer drag and drop templates so you don’t need to be technical to get started.

Social Media channels – there are so many social media channels available that it is important to look at your market and focus on the 3 that are relevant to your audience. Once signed up make sure you use them regularly to make it effective.

Online – A website is a must! Again there are many low cost solutions out there, many of which you could create yourself. If you are not feeling up to that then look at investing in getting one built as it is an essential part of your brand.

Events – exhibit at events, or even just turn up with a handful of business cards!

Network – People buy from people, so get out there and get known!

Blogs – content is the buzz word for 2016, write a regular blog article and you will quickly get a large online audience.

SEO – work on your Search Engine Optimisation to get good online exposure. This can be more tricky and certainly takes time to be effective. However there is lots of information out there so do some research and influence your SEO where you can.

Direct Mail – Not every purchase made is online and direct mail is still very relevant in todays marketing. The key is to target your list to be cost effective and responsive. Once you have your data organised then ensure that you have a strong message in your creative with calls to action.

Video – utilise video wherever possible, embed in your social media as well as adding (with considered tags) to your YouTube channel. Video is also great for exposure and SEO.

PPC – Adding just a few Pay Per Click ads will target your audience generating traffic to your site.



If you are feeling overwhelmed with all the areas you need to consider, then get started by creating your first blog post. This content can then be used within emails and social media, ticking a few channels off the list!


The second tip is to make sure that you measure your activity. Get your Google Analytics set up first so that you can track and measure your actions and increase activity where you see the best response.


I hope that this article offers an insight to getting started on your multi-channel marketing. However if you feel that you need some expert advice then contact us here at Breadcrumb Media for a FREE marketing and media health check today!



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