Marketing and media health check

With the turn of the New Year now is the perfect time to take stock of your business aims and build a strategy to fulfill them.

As business owners and managers all to often we are busy managing the day-to-day and reacting to customers and clients needs. We tend to overlook spending enough time thinking about where we want our own business to be heading.

For example:

  • Are you working too many hours to maintain your business?
  • Are you getting enough business to be profitable?
  • Do you need more business or do you need to increase your pricing?
  • Are you targeting the right market to truly be successful?

To get you started we have put together 4 top tips to help you begin to build your marketing strategy:

1 – Competition

First of all make sure that you check out your competition and see what they are doing. Look at their products and services, and where they are marketing. This is not to plagarise, you still need to stand out, but you do need to be aware of their activity, after all your potential customers are!

2 – Branding

Branding is the heart of your business. Ideally this is reflected in your logo and brand style, but if this is already created then work with what you have to build on this further.

Branding is about having a presence in the right place at the right time. This will not necessarily get you direct sales, but when your potential customer has a need for your product or service you need to be the first name they think of.

3 – Your offer

What is your offer? What are your USPs (unique selling points)? You need to really focus and identify these as this is the message you create when selling your business.

4 – Marketing

Once you have considered the above 3 points that’s when you need to sit down and look at your marketing strategy. Consider the following:

What does my customer look like? What are their jobs, interests, careers, hobbies and lifestyle?

What appeals to them, is it value, quality or customer service?

Research all these areas and start building this into your sales and marketing strategy, which may include:

  • Social media
  • Email
  • Events
  • Website and online marketing
  • Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Blogs
  • SEO
  • Video

This is just the beginning of your marketing strategy planning and hopefully a few tips to get you motivated and the ball rolling,

If you feel that you would like some expert help and advice to get you started then we offer a FREE Marketing and Media Health Check.

We will look at your business aims and goals and produce a FREE, no obligation, report containing recommendations to take your business forward.

Contact us today to book yours in!


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